About Us

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Our Vision:

To be recognised as the world leader in delivering innovative world class vocational education in the creative & beauty industry.

Our Mission:

At TMT, we believe every student is a rocket filled with fuel and all they need is a single spark to lift off into the sky. Whatever stage of life you are in, wherever you come from, whatever background and experience you have, you are all incredible individuals. Our college is committed to providing education and self development that is transformational, empowering, fun and stimulating.

Our mission is to produce graduates who are well rounded, confident and display a high conviction in their chosen profession. Our courses are designed in collaboration with the top experts and world leaders within the industry to inspire and mentor you through a range of practical, current real-world skills that will advance your career and broaden your mind.

Our Academy is led by a tribe of true believers and industry pioneers who have personally experienced the transformative power of a great education, they are committed and passionate in leading the way in delivering vocational education.

We see it a huge privilege to walk along this education journey with you, a privilege that we will work tirelessly to honour. An opportunity to be the spark that lifts you off into the sky of a life long dream for an incredible experience of learning, self development and discovery. 

Today Makes Tomorrow 1

Our Philosophy:

At TMT, we believe each student is unique and is a star. We don’t believe in the cookie cutter commercial style education. We believe each student learns in different ways; We believe in providing a supportive and inspiring environment. Our class size will always be small to ensure that we can deliver a more personal & nurturing classroom. We believe guided real world practical experience is one of the best way to learn; We believe working with the industry’s best products and best talents to deliver world class education; We believe in partnering with Industry’s best and working with industry leaders and employers to design the most up to date and innovative curriculum; We believe in delivering all rounded graduates with resilience, problem solving & critical thinking skills, confidence and conviction to meet the challenge of the time. We understand while education and training is an ongoing personal development, today makes the best foundation for tomorrow.

Our Heritage:

TMT was originally established in 1985 as an industry based boutique Makeup College. It was at the forefront of the industry being one of the only two makeup colleges in Australia delivering quality makeup courses at the time. Over the last few decades, TMT has been a strong advocate of quality industry led training and actively contributed to the development of accredited diploma and advanced diploma level makeup course training packages in Australia. It has trained thousands of makeup artists who are now working around the world.

Since its establishment, the makeup industry has grown immensely and has evolved to demand more holistic soft and technical skills from graduates to meet the ever evolving and challenging role of a successful makeup artist. Beauty and Entertainment businesses also value and start demanding graduates to work across the industries with multiple skill sets. To meet this challenge, TMT has since broaden its education offering in beauty, hairdressing, marketing and business to produce all rounded graduates with confidence to take on the world stage.

We are committed to challenge the status quo and to pioneer a new way vocational education is designed and delivered to meet the challenge of our time.

TMT education academy

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