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The Makeup Technicians (TMT) is a specialist makeup artist, makeup school – training college, based in Sydney Australia, right in the middle of the city with only a seven minute walk from Central or Town Hall Stations. We have been delivering well educated and highly skilled graduates to the entertainment industry since 1989. You decide where you want to work… be it in the Film, Television, Fashion, Photographic, Runway, Theatrical or Prosthetics areas of the industry.


Whats your passion… We’ll help you discover and unleash it!


With our small personalised classes, you’ll never want to leave! but when its time to graduate and you do, you can always come back and sit in on any class in a Look and Learn format.


You might take a break, then one day realise that you want to get back into makeup! if thats you, you will always be welcome being part of our Alumni.


The Makeup Technicians is an International College with enrolled local and international students who love learning in our face-to-face simulated work place environment, with fully equiped makeup studios enhanced by compulsory industry work placement, all provided by the college. All of our trainers have been working in the industry for many years, and with their industry knowledge and expertise we are proud to show off their skills! in our high caliber trainers, covering all aspects of makeup!


You as a student will graduate a Makeup Artist in your own right, with your newly acquired skills, confidence and personal social media business pack, to get you started.


After graduating our initial 12-month Diploma of Screen & Media in Specialist Makeup Services you will hold an Australian Government Accredited Qualification. You can then follow on with our Advanced Skills Set of Makeup, in this course, you’ll discover more in-depth makeup skills and training adding several new units of competency to build your qualification’s portfolio. You will be taken through Advanced SPFX and Prosthetics in design sculpt and application, Create scary or beautiful hybrids with skin texture, wound appliances with blood lines and a full set of teeth, and thats just to start take a look at our Courses page for more information.


Graduates could also consider following on with a CUA60615 Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media or a relevant Bachelor of Arts Degree, after course completion, maybe taking you on another path to fulfil your creative dream, if you haven’t learnt enough to start your dream career.


Having taught industry level makeup courses for nearly 30 years, at The Makeup Technicians we can confidently say we are the best in the makeup training business!


Year after year developing new talent with a life time of latest makeup techniques, skills and confidence. A positive industry standard attitude, being a regular practice throughout the course, is apparent in our emerging artists.


“The Makeup Technicians advantage is; You will graduate with confidence, our quality training provides highly skilled emerging artists, ready to start working in the industry of your choice with your portfolio, business cards, letter head and makeup resume. We’re with you all the way! We offer a full industry work experience program, where you can make valuable contacts while training at TMT, It’s how you get started in this industry”


We understand the top 5 prerequisites an employer is looking for in a makeup graduate, because TMT has interviewed many industry experts to find out exactly what they are looking for. We have interviewed Makeup Brand Managers, Production Managers, Magazine Photographers, Creative Agency Representatives, Head of Fashion-Makeup Artists, Head of Runway-Makeup Artists, Head of Department SPFX Makeup Artists, (HOD) Film Makeup Artists, (HOD) Television Makeup Artists, (HOD) Theatre Makeup Artists to working Makeup Artists & Bridal Companies.


We nail these top 5 requirements in our “Working in the Industry” classes which run throughout our Diploma of Screen and Media Specialist Makeup Services Course. That’s why 80%of our students get work in the industry, in the industry of your choice! Everyone has a different agenda for the type of work they want to pursue and it takes time to build your expertise and working attitude.


Like any professional! You have to grow as an artist.



Our courses cater to a range of prospective students, from the aspiring Makeup Artist to the woman wishing to brush up on her everyday makeup skills.


We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards in government-accredited training. Our Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services is the highest qualification for the makeup industry in Australia. You’ll develop advanced skills in everything from bridal to special effects; learn how to build and market your own business; gain extensive work experience while making invaluable contacts; and graduate as a Professional Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist.


We also offer a number of short courses, certificates and workshops, covering areas such as Bridal Makeup, Airbrushing, Special Effects and Makeup 101. All courses inspire creativity while providing the essential skills and experience needed to succeed in this competitive industry.


By studying at TMT, you’ll learn from the best in the business. All trainers are industry professionals with loads of ongoing experience across film, fashion, photography, theatrical, runway, SPFX, Prosthetics and more.

Our collective credits Assisting Artists on “The Great Gatsby” “Cleverman” “Little Monsters”  and Australia’s Next Top Model, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and theatre at the Sydney Opera House and beyond.

We are passionate about our career, eager to impart our knowledge, and committed to giving our students the best training and education possible.

The Makeup Technicians, Mission is to produce well educated, confident graduates, competent and ready to take on the exciting world of the ever growing Makeup Artistry and Entertainment Industries.

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Want to become a Pro Makeup Artist? Study at TMT, its your first stop to becoming the artist you want to be!

We welcome you to contact us with any questions or to make a time to meet our friendly crew, we’ll take you through our course content or drop in and take a look around before you enrol! to get a feel for our fun creative environment! call us on 0(2) 9280 2516.

Catering to both local and international students, with generally no prerequisites – just a love of makeup!  Apply online or contact us to receive your enrolment forms by post or email.