SHB30221 Certificate III in Makeup (Online)

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Are you ready to turn your love for makeup into a thriving career? Do you dream about learning to create different stunning looks that highlight your future clients’ best features? Does the idea of becoming a certified makeup artist and making your name in the beauty industry excite you? Then look no further! The Nationally Recognised SHB30221 Certificate III in Makeup is your gateway to mastering professional makeup artistry!

This comprehensive online course contains core and elective modules meticulously designed to cover all facets of makeup artistry. You’ll gain hands-on experience creating various looks, from perfecting the basics to exploring advanced techniques. Learn the intricacies of colour theory, facial anatomy, and skin types. Master bridal, special occasions, creative and airbrush makeup to cater to diverse client needs. The elective units offer a chance to specialize further, whether in airbrush makeup, hairstyling for makeup artists, or mastering the art of photographic makeup. This course combines practical skills and artistic expression, ensuring you can take on any makeup-related challenge and role.

Upon completing this Nationally Recognised course, you’ll unlock fulfilling career roles in the beauty industry. Whether you aspire to be a freelance makeup artist, work in the entertainment industry, join a fashion house, or specialize in bridal makeup, this course lays the foundation for a successful career. You could also explore roles in retail cosmetics, become a makeup consultant, or even venture into teaching makeup skills to others. The SHB30221 Certificate III in Makeup is more than just a course; it’s a stepping stone to a world of opportunities in the vibrant and creative field of makeup artistry.







Our course content selection provides you with the knowledge, attitude and skills to work in the makeup industry as a freelance makeup artist.

From day one you will develop a broad range of competencies, opening doors to the makeup industry – from applying make-up and airbrushed make-up for a variety of different aesthetics and situations, collaborate with industry professionals in a production setting, use advanced application techniques, apply essential small business skills to start your own business.

Develop your communication skills to connect with your clients and other industry professionals, in Customer service, collaboration and consultation skills and problem-solving strategies to meet client expectations.

To complete this course, you will need to successfully complete the 15 units of study to gain the Certificate III in Make-up.

Freelance or retail make-up artist
Retail cosmetic assistant
Salon / Make-Up Studio Owner

TMT accepts students who are 16 and have completed year 10 or equivalent, there is no maximum age limit. If you are an international student, you must have a minimum English language level of IELTS 5 or equivalent. International Students must be at least 18 years of age.
Applicants without completing year 12 are required to do the LLN Test [Language, Literacy and Numeracy Test], this test is used to identify any supports a student might require.

For full time study, this course requires 30 – 35 hours nominal hours of study per week. This consists of attending [live / recorded online] classroom sessions, supervised practicals, structured learning activities, including homework, assignments, assessment preparation and scheduled online drop in sessions. Makeup is a practical hands-on discipline, you are required to do practical exercise and work experience at home or at commercial settings. Students are required to complete nominal hours of work placements and practical work experiences.

Each student will be assigned their own personal tutor. Email support are available 5 days a week. Students will benefit and are encouraged to join weekly classroom sessions live on line with the face to face classes as well as scheduled drop in online live sessions. Drop in sessions are normally scheduled after hours or during lunch breaks.

Students are required to complete all 15 units of the Certificate III in Make-up to gain SHB30221 Certificate III in Makeup qualification.

Certificate III in Makeup – Online Mode can be completed successfully in 18-weeks for full time study or up to 42 weeks for part time study of your choice PLUS BREAKS.


  • Upfront Payment (with a discount)
  • Payment by Term
  • Payment by Week
  • NSW Government Smart & Skilled Training Program [subject to eligibility]

Subject to your eligibility, this training is subsidized by the NSW Government. TMT is an approved Smart & Skilled Provider. The cost to complete this qualification is determined by your personal circumstances and availability of the Smart & Skilled Subsidies.


Student TypeAdmin Fee (*)Tuition Fee Deposit (*)Total
Domestic [Non NSW Student]$0$5500 [*] – $7500$500$6000 -$8000
Domestic [NSW Student]*$0$240 – $2550$0$240 – $2550
International (*)$0$7500$500$8000

Domestic [NSW]* – Tuition Fee – Subject to eligibility to NSW Government Smart & Skilled Program, your out of pocket Tuition Fee range from $240 to $2550 if you are eligible for NSW government subsidized training. Tuition Fee can be paid upfront in full with $500 discount or by weekly, monthly payment plan over 45 weeks.
Domestic [Non NSW]* – Tuition Fee – Subject to eligibility, this course is eligible for our Industry Partner Scholarship Program, providing $2000 fee relief to eligible students. Tuition Fee can be paid in full upfront with $500 discount or interest free by weekly, monthly payment plan over 50 weeks.

International (*) The Online Delivery Option is not open to international students wanting to come and study in Australia. This delivery option is available to International Students to study while living at their home country.

Unless you are eligible for NSW Government subsidised training, the School requires a deposit and admin fee to be paid before enrolment into the course.

Online Study Mode Students are required to purchase a personal makeup, lash tinting and lash extension and hair kits, which they retain to use during the course and after graduation. An extensive kit is available to purchase from preferred supplier Kryolan Professional Make-up at deep discount for $1500 – $2000, alternatively, you can supply your own or purchase similar items from cosmetic retailers such as Adore Beauty.

In order to achieve the SHB30216 Certificate III in Makeup you must complete all 15 units of competency.

Core Units

SHBBMUP009 Design and apply make-up
SHBBMUP010 Design and apply make-up for photography
SHBBMUP013 Design and apply creative make-up
SHBBRES003 Research and apply beauty industry information
SHBXCCS008 Provide salon services to clients
SHBXIND003 Comply with organisational requirements within a personal services environment
SHBXWHS003 Apply safe hygiene, health and work practices
SIRXOSM002 Maintain ethical and professional standards when using social media and online platforms

Elective Units

SHBBINF002 Maintain infection control standards
SHBBCCS005 Advise on beauty products and services
SHBBFAS004 Provide lash and brow services
SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions
SHBBMUP011 Design and apply remedial camouflage make-up
SHBBMUP012 Apply airbrushed make-up
SHBBMUP014 Work collaboratively on make-up productions

Work experience provides you with exposure to situations and circumstances that cannot be replicated in a learning or simulated environment.

Work experience is not mandatory for this qualification; however, this is a highly practical course. We strongly recommend you undertake work experience with a suitable industry employer.

You are responsible for arranging your own work experience. Our team will also offer support and guidance to assist you.

Portfolio Development

Students will have the opportunity to participate in photo-shoots with professional photographers to develop and build their portfolios. The photo-shoots are held regularly in Melbourne and Sydney.

Professional Development

Completing the qualification is just the beginning of your professional career and it’s not the end of your make up journey. Keep up to date with the latest development in the industry, you will continue to:

  • have access to TMT’s Online Learning Portal that are updated regularly
  • have access to our Online Live Classes conducted by our partners and specialists teachers



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