CUA60620 Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media [Specialist Makeup Services]

Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media accredited course international academy industry professionals


The Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media course is for the current and prospective make-up artists wishing to develop their skills further, to gain as much information as possible, leapfrogging them to bigger, better jobs and creative work.



Candidates may enter the qualification with CUA41215 Certificate IV Screen and Media or CUA51015 or  [CUA51020] Diploma of Screen and Media.


12 months, Two days per week

January & October
Upcoming Intakes
January 2023

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(*) Deposits and administrative fees are only refundable if student’s Visa Application is refused and college is notified prior to the course commencement.

Course fee is inclusive of supplies, materials and equipment required within the classroom. Students are required to purchase a take home personal kit if they don’t already have an extensive kit from their diploma course.

The School requires a deposit and admin fee to be paid before enrollment into a course.

CUA60620 Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media is an Approved Course for a Commonwealth VET Student Loan (VSL). To apply for VET Student Loans (VSL), please check the eligibility and entry requirements for more information visit us at


In order to achieve the CUA60620 Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media, you must complete all 16 units of competency.

CUAIND611 – Work professionally in the creative arts industry
CUAPPR515 – Establish and maintain safe creative practice
CUAPPR613  – Engage in the business of creative practice
CUAPPR615 – Evolve ideas for professional creative work

CUAMUP411 – Design, apply and remove make-up
CUAMUP512* – Design and apply specialised make-up
CUAMUP513* – Design and apply special make-up effects
CUAMUP614* – Create prosthetics for special make-up effects
CUAMUP615* – Design and apply prosthetics for special make-up effects
CUARES412 – Conduct research
SHBHDES004 – Create classic long hair up-styles
SHBHDES005 – Select and apply hair extensions
SHBHDES008 – Make wigs and hairpieces
BSBCRT512 – Originate and develop concept
CUASCU511 – Refine sculptural techniques
CUAACD511 – Make moulds and casts


Further, develop your knowledge and skills using various advanced techniques, latest and specialised S.P.F.X products to create serious facial & body injuries, simulate a full decomposed body for filmor TV Drama.
Learn about bloodlines & bladders, create monster teeth, Silicon flat-lay moulds, Gelatine flat-lay prosthetics and 3D transfers.
Create a Character Prosthetics piece. You will design, mould, sculpt, paint and apply your hybrid animal. Learn the techniques involved in casting and moulding latex & prosthetic pieces to create your film worthy characters, this will propel you into the world of film, SPFX or TV drama.
Discuss and demonstrate the importance of safety and hygiene. Prosthetics products can be volatile so you need to understand each product’s properties.
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are product guides for you to safely use the products required to bring your characters to life.
With your sculptured design finished; pour and make your mould to create your creative facial piece. Next, complete your paint job and apply to your models face, bringing your designed, character to life.

Become familiar and specialize with tried & tested innovative & current styling techniques giving you the skills to create unique hairstyles, on the job, like a Professional Session Hair Stylist. Techniques include:
Fine-tune Pin curling for Runway,Victory Rolls – Using this versatile and classic look, deconstruct and create amazing looks for shoots, runway, television productions and more.Vintage Fringe techniques –Tips and tricks for styling perfectly,smooth techniques.
Work with hair extensions to create new styles, add length & volume for over the top creations in fashion & Runway. Advanced Bridal & Red Carpet Concepts.

These styles date back in time but they are the groundwork for Vintage Hairstyling-use these skills to perfect styling for Film, Theatre and Television, deconstruct for fashion and runway. Knowing these famous styles & working with natural hair, wigs, hairpieces and extensions will inspire you to design and create amazing trend looks. Develop your skills and put into practice these techniques for popular & Vintage Hairstyles. This is intensive and hands-on so get ready to have some fun! With Advanced Skills and techniques, you can confidently work in any area of the Film, Fashion, Television or Theatrical mediums.
Wig knotting is used to make hairpieces for Film, Television and Theatre. Research century, period, wigs and facial hairpieces to create your own facial hairpiece, try your hand at either a moustache, sideburns or eyebrows, once you’ve knotted, cut and heat style your piece, the next step is to apply your newly hand-knotted facial piece, include in your character makeup production.
Design, measure for the creation of Facial Hairpieces ready for application on film and theatre productions.

Acquire the skills to really understand what it takes to design innovative looks, without copying other’s work. Discover the top fashion artists who are currently leading the industry with their individual innovation, how did they get to where they are? Research and discuss how they created their own path into the industry, designing Runway looks Avant-Garde, Nouveau, European to Australian Runway, Period inspiration, photographic, editorial and advertorial.

Meet Sydney’s Top fashion and runway artists, discover their tricks, and what it takes to make a great image and a great impression in this exciting industry. Beauty, editorial, runway, advertorial: understand a brief to create innovative new looks.

Advanced airbrush makeup gives you the confidence to create amazing looks: animal skin textures, perfecting beauty skin, the paint job on a prosthetics piece or creative body art.
Enjoy working like a Pro with the airbrush in a creative and confident way, remember to have fun and best of all, The Makeup Technicians will supply you with your own personal gun to take with you, all other products and tools will be supplied for use in the class.
Make extraordinary advances in your artistry in a minimal amount of time, stand out from the crowd by offering more than just airbrush foundation on your next bride or photoshoot, specialising in this unique service.

Planning, marketing & developing your makeup business. On our Getting Work in the Industry & Social Media days, we will tailor the classes to each of the students’ individual talents and specific career goals. What area of makeup do you want to work in?
With full direction on building your portfolio, to showcase your work!
A valuable tool for your paid jobs as it describes to clients what you can do, as an artist.
What about Instagram you say!
Yes, we have classes on that too! It’s the information age, and we deliver everything you need to get you working in the makeup arena you want to be in!
Marketing & Advertising skills are valuable in helping you gain clients to establish your brand or individual image. To extend your visibility, pay attention to what others are doing to advertise their services or makeup business. Complete our small business marketing and Social Media units in the Advanced Skill Set to gain a better understanding of how to further promote your skills and expertise.

Business is a part of the course to get excited about. Learn how to build your brand, with so many artists in the game you want to stand apart and show your style, flair, expertise & confidence to get noticed in this exciting industry.
However, it depends on where you want to work-Film, Fashion, TV, SPFX, Theatre, working on your portfolio and social media presence is the place to start. Knowing how to put your portfolio together to be seen as a professional artist is another major factor in getting yourself out there.

Students will need to bring their hair & makeup kit. Take home personal kit is not included in the fee, students should use their diploma kit, for the Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media.

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