Why study with us?


FOLLOW YOUR PASSION                                                                

If you want to become the next Pat McGrath, Youtube or Instagram star then tell everyone, and we’ll help you get to where you want to be! We’ve been teaching makeup for over thirty-five years, with historic, modern and current trends giving you the best overall education. Industry working Artists look for people with energy and ambition. Many jobs are not advertised, we have a bounty of working artists that visit the school regularly giving demonstrations, knowledge, and advice in the areas they specialize in, which gives you the opportunities to network.

TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY                                                           

When you enrol in The Makeup Technicians course, make sure you use every opportunity that we bring your way! Your trainers are all industry experts, that still work in the industry and, or are educational organization committee members. Discover the opportunities to attend and participate in industry events organized through the school, including external bodies like Beauty & Hair Expo’s, MAGAP awards as well as IMATS when they’re in town.

NOW IS YOUR TIME                                                                                       

Why sit in a job you don’t really like, just for the sake of it! that’s what wastes your time and energy, you could wake up one day and say! Why didn’t I follow my dream to become a qualified Makeup Artist? instead, listen to your heart now, follow your passion and you’ll be forever happy, motivated & driven to work in an artistic career, you’ll always love.

FOCUS ON THE RIGHT SCHOOL                                   

Employers trust the qualification was issued by an established and industry-focused provider, and what you can bring to your new career adds value for them.

The Subject Choice at The Makeup Technicians in Diploma of Screen & Media is far superior to any other Diploma, our class content proves this with all of the hands-on subjects delivered.

High-quality training and assessment mean students are well equipped for employment or further study, our qualification is seen as credible in the marketplace, and our trainers are chosen by their skill level and knowledge as well as holding the certification of the skills and competencies specified in our delivered qualification.

In turn, high-quality training and assessment mean that employers can have confidence that our vocational education and training (VET) graduate in the workplace will safely and productively apply the skills described by their qualification.

Our trainers and assessors are qualified, knowledgeable professionals, highly skilled in all subjects delivered.

The amount of training offered to the student allows the student to practice new skills before they are assessed.

Students can access good-quality learning resources and facilities at The Makeup Technicians with full Makeup Library, Photo Studio, Product Resources, Access to Computers or WIFI for design and topic research, all based on the industry style of the real world.