Training & Assessments

Diploma of Screen & Media in Specialist Makeup – On-campus face to face classes delivering practical and knowledgeable skills, research theoretical assessments, students are required to complete 800 hours of face to face training, 200 hours of practical work experience off-campus, as well as 200 hours of research and practical assessments totaling 1200 hours of industry style training.

Photoshoots and portfolio building are also important aspects developed throughout the courses. Students also have the opportunity of field excursions, visiting Photographic studio’s, Television stations or work alongside  NSW Police, Fire and Ambulance creating SPFX injury simulation for WHS officers field experience. Kingsford Smith Airport Sydney working on air crash explosion victims, Sydney Harbour Tunnel crash investigation.

Assessment methods

The amount of training covered allows the student to practice new skills before they are assessed.

Students can access good-quality learning resources and facilities at The Makeup Technicians with full Makeup Library, Photo Studio, Product Resources, Access to Computers or WIFI for design and topic research.

Along with daily observation in skill competency, written and practical exams, group collaboration tasks, and research tasks. In addition, attendance is taken into account with the student’s final results.