Sydney Harbour

Sydney is a vibrant, international city. With a population of four million people from over 180 countries and speaking over 140 languages, it is truly multicultural.

Situated on one of the world’s most beautiful and natural harbours, Sydney provides a unique outdoor lifestyle, offering a variety of alfresco dining venues, parks and an exhaustive choice of outdoor leisure activities. ‘Sydney Siders’ also have access to more than 70 beaches spread along the city’s coastline.


Sydney’s natural beauty is enhanced by the rich and vibrant arts and entertainment scene with new concerts, opera, jazz, theatre and cinema regularly available. The many lively shopping and dining precincts (including its very own Chinatown) offer variety and ensure you’ll never be bored.

Above all, Sydney is home to a relaxed and friendly community who live, work and play together in this unique international city.

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