Facilities & Equipment

Our purpose-built facility in the heart of Sydney offers  Budding Makeup Artists a sanctuary in which to unleash your creativity, explore your passion, and discover your personal path in this exciting and innovative industry.

Achieve your career goals with The Makeup Technicians Makeup School performance coach, Study in Purpose-built Makeup  Studio's, outdoor facilities with the correct equipment.


The Makeup Technicians, Facility is fully equipped with purpose-built work stations large lighted mirrors, practice facilities-equipment of Air-brushing equipment, hair training heads, Human hair, Synthetic and Lace Front wigs, Audiovisual equipment for researching era’s, films, how-to videos and our photographic studio located in studio 2 where all students  work is photographed daily,  and uploaded onto student computers. Students access your kit USB to access all of your makeup work during your course. This is immensely helpful, watching your progression and achievements.

Looking for Makeup Courses in Sydney?  The Makeup Technicians should be your first and last stop, offering all equipment and products, if products are not found in your wonderful makeup and hairstyling kit, the school will supply or allow access for you to use on the premises, in some cases when it's your design or creation you may need to supply your own jewels or feathers if we do not have the colors required, anything that enhances your work or creation you have designed. Study in the latest most comfortable purpose-built Makeup Training rooms in Sydney.


Makeup Kit

Each student of the Diploma of Screen & Media is provided with an extensively stocked TMT professional makeup kit included in course fees. In addition, we have an extensive range of alternative makeup products and tools to access like body painting, sculpting, prosthetic and SPFX products as well as wigs, hairpieces, hairdryers, curling irons, and straighteners. Students can also access studios for their own shoot, you just need to arrange with the office manager for suitable timing.


Reference Library

The Makeup Technicians  Libray contains many, many makeup books and how to DVD’s in its library having a wonderful array of makeup, hair, beauty, Body Art, SPFX, Century, Period, Prosthetics, Sculpting, Drawing, Sketching, Mask Making instructional books, how to’s, tribal, traditional training and reference manuals, as well as 100’s of DVDs how to up-styling, Period & Century Makeup hair and wardrobe, Students, can access the library at any time whilst on the premises, all books and DVDs can be accessed at the school, the library is constantly being updated with new references that students are encouraged to use on college premises throughout the course and beyond.