The Makeup Technicians is Australia’s Premier makeup training college, highly regarded in the Industry with over 25 years experience in delivering the latest in makeup training and education, which has led to creating many fabulous artists, all working in the industry to varying degrees and different mediums which is why we have opened our Makeup Artist Agency.


The Makeup Technicians Makeup Artist Agency is looking forward to working with you on your next shoot or production, please call us to enquire about our new and emerging but highly talented team able to deliver the makeup requirements you need. The Makeup Technicians Makeup Artist’s Agency, great rates for your next production.

Our artists


Having completed a Diploma in Training and Assessing, Carmelle teaches a Diploma of Screen and Media Specialist Makeup. She also educates women on makeup best practices, from red carpet looks, to classic everyday styles, carefully created to suit each individual’s unique style.


Carmelle has dedicated years to constructing concise but in-depth work- shops for a range of students, including those wishing to work as professional makeup artists and those simply wanting to achieve perfection in their personal appearance.


Carmelle’s extensive experience in the makeup industry ranges from tele- vision and catwalks to social media and beauty and tutorial writing. She is also a skilled presenter, adept at hosting professional workshops and delivering private classes.



Fiona has 17 years experience as a make-up artist, hair stylist, wig technician and educator in and around Sydney. Fiona has an extensive background in all areas of Make-Up Artistry including Theatre, TVC, Photographic, Corporate Video, Web Casts, Bridal, Hair and Wig Styling and SPFX.


An Educator at TMT The Make-Up Technicians, teaching first the Cert IV in Professional Make-Up Artistry and then The Diploma in Specialist Make-Up Services. Fiona’s path has a strong emphasis on a Theatre Based Career that is enhanced by ongoing engagements in Film, TV and Digital Media.



Makeup Artist with 11+ years experience, in the last 5 years Joanne has worked both nationally and internationally as a makeup artist, qualified trainer and assessor. With a genuine passion for artistry and cosmetics, Joanne is always continuously growing and developing her skills.


Joanne specialises in media campaigns, fashion, event shows and bridal. She is also an experienced Make up Trainer and mentor, conducting courses for individuals or small groups. She is a great teacher and has great knowledge on what is suitable for each individual, how to use products appropriately and keeping you up to date on market trends.



Talented up and coming graduate students available for your next project, affordable and creative, enquire now for profiles.