The Makeup Technicians, Makeup School Sydney, Local Address

Suite 106, Level 10, 420 Pitt Street, Haymarket, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia


The Makeup Technicians Makeup School Sydney is centrally located in Haymarket, which is a 3-minute walk from Capitol Square Light rail station and 5-minute walk from Sydney Central Train & Bus Station.


Student Travel Concession

Australian Resident Students who study with us full time are for an NSW Transport Tertiary Student Concession Card which entitles the cardholder to concession prices for train, bus and ferry tickets.


International Overseas Students

Under NSW State Government Policies, International/Overseas Students are not eligible for NSW Transport Tertiary Student Concession Cards or discount travel.



The Makeup Technicians is centrally located 106/420 Pitt Street, Haymarket – This is a quick 5-minute walk from Central Train Station and Bus Station or coming from the other way is 7 minutes from Town Hall Station. The school is also only a 3-minute walk from Capitol Square light rail station.


The Makeup Technicians Makeup School will notify the authority and students of an intention to relocate premises. This notification will occur at least three weeks before relocation takes place unless the Authority agrees otherwise.


The Makeup School is accessible from major bus routes on Elizabeth Street or Pitt Street and Parking at the Wilson Parking on Goulburn is $17 arriving before 9.30 am and must leave after 3 pm up until 7 pm daily, if you leave earlier you will pay full price. Also, it is a must to have your ticket punched from the rooftop level of the carpark, in order to get the $17 fee. If you do not use this rooftop parking facility, your daily rate will be $49 AUD! Make absolutely sure to punch your ticket in the rooftop ticket machine.

$12 flat rate on Saturday and Sunday and Night Fees are $10.00 after 6.00 pm. Parking is also available at World Square and Capitol Theatre for a more expensive price.