Is to create the next generation of Industry Professionals. Be part of it!

Guaranteed Work Placement Experience with Industry Contacts,  unconditional Job Guidance.   

Train with Industry Working Artists.

Direct & assist you in achieving "Your Makeup Goals"

Affordability in Diploma

Experience industry-based trainers

35 years history as an established school with successful graduates, see the graduate success page.

Boutique Academy, not an institution.

Award-winning Trainers.

Award-winning International Makeup College.

To get up every day and do something creative with your life is an incredible feeling.


The Makeup Technicians is proud of delivering, World-class training in Specialist Makeup Services to a new generation of aspiring artists, and our outstanding graduates continue to be the go-to artists at the industry level of the Entertainment Industry. Over the years we have purposely continued to leverage our creative expertise, hands-on creativity with current and historical industry knowledge to create new and exciting makeup courses for the new world of entertainment, prepare students to work in all mediums of the entertainment industry like the Film, Fashion, Theatrical, Runway, SPFX, or Prosthetic medium as well as the ever-changing new digital age.

We will continue to inspire our past and present students understanding this is a creative industry! 

and endeavor to help you build your confidence, giving you a quality education, so you too can be the artist you want to be. Central to our educational ethos is the importance of our work experience program and networking opportunities, where students are encouraged to get out into this creative working environment, we give you unequivocal industry experience, this work comes in to The Makeup Technicians weekly in all shapes and sizes from Photoshoots on Bondi Beach to working at Fox Studios on industry big film days with 100s of extras or applying Prosthetics for the various blockbusters, when needed in Sydney. Students also get the opportunity to go out as individual artists on other smaller jobs. If you want to work on Runway, Film, Television, Theatre or Photographic, The Makeup Technicians has the skills to train you and the contacts to introduce you!

Get you started in the industry of your choice. 

We are passionate about supporting and nurturing our students with their current studies

and continue to encourage and assist all graduates along their chosen career paths. 

The Makeup Technicians "Students Success is our Success" We are here to help all the way – this is another aspect that sets The Makeup Technicians apart from its competitors.